Why Join Transition Exmouth?

* Be a part of a local movement addressing the global Climate Emergency 
* Receive a bright, energetic e-newsletter every month
* Listen to an engaging monthly speaker at Green Drinks social events
* Meet like-minded people and get involved in projects and events 
* Gain support for your own ideas

Transition Exmouth membership is open to everyone, embracing all  ages, abilities, political alignments and genders.  

Individual Members live in and around Exmouth, and support the Transition Exmouth mission, “To strengthen the community’s response to climate change, inequality and shrinking supplies of resources, including energy, water and land, by building long-term town resilience and reducing carbon emissions.” 

Affiliated Group Membership is also open to groups and businesses which support the Transition Exmouth mission.  

Members can vote at the AGM if they have made any subscription payment within the year leading up to the AGM, or if they have emailed to claim the Zero rate membership for people on a low income.

All members plant a tree every year (your tree planting can be on any scale. There are plenty of acorns lying around or you could pay someone to plant some for you - eg Just One Tree).

Annual membership is £5, £10 or £50 - please pay what you can afford.

Subscriptions pay for the costs of running events such as hiring halls, films, speakers, annual public liability insurance, website fees, printing, stalls at festivals etc.

If you can pay by bank transfer that is best for us as we don't lose money to PayPal.  Our bank account details are:

Transition Town Exmouth



Please email to let us know you've sent us money so we can thank you, and send you our GDPR info!

Links to Paypal payment options below. Thank you.

Paypal Payments


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